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Bio in english

Brigitte CASSIGNEUL Training Manager, Editor, Translator, Speaker and …. Networker!

Since an early age she had the desire to change the future. She has the aptitude and synergic energy to handle tasks. Always innovative she loves challenges and adopts long term strategies for solutions. Created « l’Annuaire en Féminin » ® in 1983. Based one hour from Paris. Speaks english and spanish.

Born french, she lives as a European, and will die « Citizen of the World ».


After obtaining a BA in English and a MA in Applied Linguistics at the Sorbonne University (Paris), a diploma from Cambridge (England), additionnaly a diploma in Spanish from Salamanca University (Spain), she worked around Europe. Extending her travel she ventured into Turkey and the United States of America.


  • Founder and director of an English School in Spain at the age of 27 (Santiago de Compostela – Galicia);
  • Coordinator and researcher of a University Course in Caen – Normandy (French as a foreign language);
  • Training Manager at the Paris Chamber of Commerce (CCI), responsible for seminars about « Europe »;
  • At present, independant consultant.


In various Companies Brigitte’s expertise has been utilized for technologies advancement. Convinced as early as 80í that the future was in IT. Persuaded also that the most prevalling development of the next century would be the access of information on a world-wide scale.
From 1985 to 1995, she produced several issues of a reference manual dedicated to women (l’Annuaire au Féminin ®). This includes various associations, organizations, women speakers and anything useful for active women of todayís role. It is still today unique in the field and was published on the internet in 1996. Pioneer in its genre.


Alongside the internet, linguistics and teaching, she has been striding towards effective international communication. Aimed at world-wide commerce, she has structured a flexible structure which is both reactive and informal in the linguistic field.The result is that teachers, translators, bilingual editors and journalists, as well as intercultural specialists are all managed by computer since the 90í and by mail since 95.


A networker by birth, she organized meetings, seminars and courses on and about internet. For Brigitte, the use of the internet goes far beyond the norm of « useful », it is a new way of communicating, especially as
an open and transparent access to all knowledge; a universal togetherness; a democratic power.

Since 97, she has developped and organized trainings specifically designed to understand and « conquer » the internet. It is here that her strengths, knowledge and multidisciplinary skills are more efficient. As a member of the French chapter of ISOC (Internet Society) and of « Atelier Bancaire », she has actively participated in numerous groups aimed at internet usage:

  • The working group of the « Autoregulation of the Internet in France » following the Beaussant report 97
  • Meeting of the Internet information group in the french Senate (autumn 97)
  • Second national meeting of the ISOC France at Autrans (january 98)
  • Preparation and realisation of the First International Internet fair (march 98) which reached more than one million persons in France in two days.
  • Co-founder of the « AllWeb network ».

PHILOSOPHY : « small is beautiful »
Since a long time, she has been conscious of the fact that companies who perform at the top of the ladder are those who have decentralised departments. She preferably works with independant organisations who use the electronic mail.Client centered, respect of timelines, loyalty, transparence, positive ambition, ethical in business and total trustworthy are her key words in her every day work.

Updated : (july 2011) in Tamera – Portugal